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Chiropractic Adjustments

“Restore your core physical strength to get back to your day-to-day activity with the help of our professional Chiropractors”.

At Well Being Chiropractic Clinic in West Hempstead, Nassau County, NY, we offer professional chiropractic services to make our patients comfortable to move and do things they love. We have owned team of chiropractic doctors who are specialized in identifying the root cause of your back pain and providing chiropractic adjustment therapy accordingly.
“Chiropractic adjustments are spine manipulation treatments which are performed by the trained chiropractors with the use of their hands or small tools to correct the position of misaligned discs.”

In what physical conditions the chiropractic adjustments techniques are used by the chiropractors?

If you cannot move your head horizontally and vertically or you feel pain in the spine while moving or doing your day-to-day activities then you should consult our professional chiropractor immediately as it can be one of the serious conditions of your spine, such as – Herniated or slip disc, and spine injuries.
Unfortunately, a slipped disc is one of the horrible physical conditions which impact your health and lifestyle as you cannot move on your own due to stiff muscles and chronic pain. Your life goes through drastic changes, for example, extreme pain from a misaligned disc may prevent you from accomplishing your routine work. Moreover, simple tasks like getting dressed, taking shower, sitting, and standing can feel challenging due to the severe numbness in the back tissues and discs.
Fortunately, our trained chiropractors at Well Being Chiropractic Clinic, in West Hempstead, Nassau County, NY, offer multiple solutions for herniated disc including chiropractic care and physical therapies. Taking maximum benefits of any of these programs can help you relieve pain and manage your physical condition. Plus, you can heal naturally as it will improve your health by restoring your core physical strength and maintain mobility in joints.

Different approaches used by our West Hempstead, Nassau County, NY, chiropractors:

Our West Hempstead, Nassau County, NY, chiropractors diagnose the main cause of the problem by conducting interviews of the patient, lab tests, and thorough check-ups. If the patients are diagnosed with slipped disc problem, they use the following techniques to heal the problem quickly and completely.

1.Flexion-Distraction: This technique is used to fix several lumbar-spine conditions, including lower back pain, sciatica, and disc injuries. The primary goal of this therapy is to correct the position of discs. It is also used to increase the overall spinal motion and fix any disc herniations or bulges. This technique helps to decrease pressure on the spinal nerves, and tissues. Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of this technique is that it does not cause you any pain.

2. Gonstead Technique: The Gonstead technique is an adjustment method that is used to realign the spine. It is a manual method that is performed with the use of hands to adjust the lower back or pelvis. This technique is used by specialists to realign joints that could be causing extreme pain, stiffness, or limiting a person’s overall mobility.

3. Activator Method: The Activator method is used to reduce back and neck pain as well as pain in the extremities. To use this technique, our chiropractor uses a specific activator adjusting instrument.

4. Spinal Manipulation or Mobilization: The goal of spinal manipulation is to regain and improve the flexibility of joint function in the spinal column. The spinal mobilization technique uses a gentle thrusting motion along with stretching to re-activate the joints and improve their mobility. This method is a gentle form of manipulation when compared to other, more vigorous thrusting methods.

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Very Good

Well Being office is great! I dragged a box of files at work and started having lot of back pain, i went to my regular Dr and he started doing x-trays and giving me drugs for the pain. Every day i was feeling worse and told a co-worker that i did not know what to do anymore because I keep going to my regular Doctor but he was not helping me, so she tells me i will give you a Chiropractors name that helped me b4 with my back pain just in case you want to go. i went to them and it was worth to go, with 4 visits i was able to go back to normal activities, i had my last visit yesterday and i hope to continue feeling as good.

Jack R


A friend of mine recommended me to this place and I'm so glad she did. I street parked and shuffled my way to this clinic but I'm out now strutting back to my car. I was impressed how Dr. Goldshteyn knew my left was tense and limited in mobility with just a touch. When I woke up this morning in a great deal of pain the first thing I told my husband was that my left side felt like a 2x4 was stapled along the spine. The doc has some magic hands! No I'm not getting a free soda with my meal, nor did they ask me to write a review, this is a legit recommendation! If you have back issues give this place a try!

Annamarie G


I have recently become a patient at Well-being Chiropractic, in a great deal of pain initially but now being treated by their doctors and I have been feeling much better. The multidisciplinary treatments of physical therapy, accupuncture and chiropractic medicine offered have improved my overall health. I feel cared about by the staff and individual treatment, time and patience given to me. The facility is pristine, inviting and comfortable. The office staff is helpful, friendly and organized. I highly recommend this facility and Dr Goldshteyn , she is kind, supportive, knowledgeable and professional.

Joanna Q


I'm 37 and when I first came to Dr. Goldshteyn I had a strange tingling sensation down my left arm and leg. I had trouble sleeping, sitting - anything that required me to be in the same position for longer than an hour. I expected to come for the occasional adjustment, and was taken aback when she recommended a treatment plan. But I'm glad I followed his plan. After 6 weeks the tingling sensation has nearly subsided and her recommendations have completely changed my life for the better.

Stanley B