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Motor Vehicle Accidents Injury Treatment

A motor vehicle accident can be an incredibly traumatizing experience of life that can cause you severe to mild injuries. Chiropractic care for motor vehicle accident injuries is one way to speed up recovery time.

Have you been involved in a minor car accident with just a few injuries like bruises and bumps?

It might not be bothering you as these injuries seem mild and simple on your body. But you might have some invisible injuries that could appear days later.
However, like any traumatic event of life, an auto vehicle accident can spike your adrenaline levels, which prepares your body for taking action in high-tense situations. When the threat is gone, it may leave you with a few minor scratches, bruises, soreness, and bumps on your body which may not seem you a serious matter of medical concern and you leave them to heal naturally. But unfortunately, these threats can develop into serious health issues later after a few days or months which can be life-threatening. Fortunately, chiropractic care for car accident injury is offered at our Well Being Chiropractic P.C., West Hampstead, Nassau County, NY, by our core team of chiropractic doctors. They are trained and specialized to provide a drug-free as well as a non-invasive treatment for both short and long-term pain relief.
With over 3 million accident cases reported each year, in the US, whiplash, neck pain, slip disc, joint pains, lower back pain, headaches are the most common auto accident injuries in the country. Specifically, whiplash is one of the most common injuries you can experience in an accident. Due to the high impact of force during the accident your body parts like neck, muscles, and ligament will be stretched and twisted in all directions of motion which will be beyond their normal range.

Whiplash the most common – motor vehicle accident injury

Whiplash is the most common truck and car accident injury worldwide. And, if left untreated can cause symptoms, such as – migraine, memory loss, and/or even disability.
While it may seem passive, but whiplash can take a time to show up serious health issues such as chronic pain in the neck, memory loss, and disability when not taken seriously. Although most truck accident injuries are the result of frontal or rear-end collision, whiplash can be sustained from an impact in any direction. Other vulnerabilities for whiplash are included horseback riding, contact sports, and physical abuse.
After an auto accident, whiplash may take hours or days to show up its symptoms. Some of the common symptoms are included:
  • Decreased range of motion around the neck
  • Severe Neck pain
  • Dizziness
  • Neck stiffness
  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches
  • Upper back pain
  • Shoulder pain
Disc Slip or Herniated Disc is Another Common Truck accident injury:
After the accident, if you feel pain while sitting, standing, and walking around, or you have got a twisted back then you should take it on a serious note. If the herniated disc left untreated, it can lead to spinal degeneration and even inhibit your normal range of motion.
How We Provide Chiropractic Care for different accident injuries?
Self-Healing with Chiropractic Adjustment Treatment: The main goal of our chiropractic doctors is to allow your body to heal itself naturally by providing non-invasive treatment. The team of chiropractors is specialized to provide chiropractic adjustments to realign the spine by taking the pressure off the affected nerves, thus it gives you quick relief.
Improved Range of Motion: Another common symptom resulting after a car accident is stiffness in the back and neck joints and muscles. This can happen due to various reasons such as misaligned spine joints, inflammation, and scar tissue development. However, at Well Being Chiropractic P.C. our motor vehicle accident injury specialists can restore and even improve your range of motion by realigning and mobilizing the spine during adjustments.

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Very Good

Well Being office is great! I dragged a box of files at work and started having lot of back pain, i went to my regular Dr and he started doing x-trays and giving me drugs for the pain. Every day i was feeling worse and told a co-worker that i did not know what to do anymore because I keep going to my regular Doctor but he was not helping me, so she tells me i will give you a Chiropractors name that helped me b4 with my back pain just in case you want to go. i went to them and it was worth to go, with 4 visits i was able to go back to normal activities, i had my last visit yesterday and i hope to continue feeling as good.

Jack R


A friend of mine recommended me to this place and I'm so glad she did. I street parked and shuffled my way to this clinic but I'm out now strutting back to my car. I was impressed how Dr. Goldshteyn knew my left was tense and limited in mobility with just a touch. When I woke up this morning in a great deal of pain the first thing I told my husband was that my left side felt like a 2x4 was stapled along the spine. The doc has some magic hands! No I'm not getting a free soda with my meal, nor did they ask me to write a review, this is a legit recommendation! If you have back issues give this place a try!

Annamarie G


I have recently become a patient at Well-being Chiropractic, in a great deal of pain initially but now being treated by their doctors and I have been feeling much better. The multidisciplinary treatments of physical therapy, accupuncture and chiropractic medicine offered have improved my overall health. I feel cared about by the staff and individual treatment, time and patience given to me. The facility is pristine, inviting and comfortable. The office staff is helpful, friendly and organized. I highly recommend this facility and Dr Goldshteyn , she is kind, supportive, knowledgeable and professional.

Joanna Q


I'm 37 and when I first came to Dr. Goldshteyn I had a strange tingling sensation down my left arm and leg. I had trouble sleeping, sitting - anything that required me to be in the same position for longer than an hour. I expected to come for the occasional adjustment, and was taken aback when she recommended a treatment plan. But I'm glad I followed his plan. After 6 weeks the tingling sensation has nearly subsided and her recommendations have completely changed my life for the better.

Stanley B